The BASE combines exceptional baseball and softball training and competition with academic and career resources to empower student-athletes to achieve their full potential both on and off the field.


In order to transform the narrative for urban youth in Indianapolis, we have set the bar high. In each of the four areas of our methodology - Athletics, Academics, Wellness and Life Skills - we have established lofty goals as we strive toward our mission and vision.


  • Expand The BASE to attract motivated young people who lack the resources to participate at higher levels.

  • Develop opportunities for student-athletes that enhance their strengths and position them for competitive environments.

  • Create and employ dynamic training programs to help maximize athletic potential and success.

  • Provide world-class instruction with experienced and professional coaches who have a focus on process rather than outcomes, while providing accountability and motivation.

  • Provide year-round enhanced skill development, mental and physical conditioning, practice and athletic training.


  • 100 percent complete high school graduation.

  • 90 percent complete college, financial aid, and FAFSA applications.

  • 90 percent enroll in college, military, trade or job certification programs.

  • Employ College Board’s AccuPlacer for evaluation and recommendations for high school students.

  • Provide tutoring and academic support, including foundation and ESL classes as needed.

  • Create access to scholarships, laptop computers, books, and other critical resources.

  • Offer college entrance exam support ACT/SAT .

  • Provide college fairs/visits, and assistance with college applications, financial aid and FAFSA.


  • Ensure 100 percent of student-athletes complete physical, vision, dental and hearing screenings.

  • Provide access to fresh, healthy food and nutritional education for peak performance.


  • Equip all student-athletes with an individualized Game Plan for Life.

  • Ensure 90 percent of parents, coaches, and student-athletes receive comprehensive life skills and values-based training

  • Identify diverse mentors in the partners with men and women leaders in the public and private communities.

  • Provide enhanced career preparation and support including interview skills, resume building, time management, and public speaking